Lot 21

Ephrem Gino

Ethiopian, 1983 – 2023
From the series "Darkness and light“ in Zanzibar
Print on Hahnemühle German etching paper
Signature: Unlimited
85 x 60cm (paper size)
Estimated: US$ 300 – 500
Provenance: Direct from the Artist to the present owner
Born and raised in Africa, Addis Ababa, I first picked up a camera in 2002, which developed into my life’s passion of photography. In photography we are always referring to „taking photos“, however in my philosophy I believe that I am “receiving photos“ – because if the person or moment of life in front of my lens is not willing to give, there is no moment to be capturedFrom a technical perspective one needs light for photography, but only light itself will not create a photo, you also need obstacles which block or split the light to produce shadows, colors, outlines within an image. Therefore, both darkness and light is necessary in photography – only when you find the balance between light and darkness, you will create a photo. Similar to life itself, isn’t it.
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